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Ionian Marine Safety


Charter check

The majority of charter boats in the Ionian have their Life rafts annually inspected by Ionian Marine Safety since it is their local service with an excellent reputation  for quality and fair pricing.

Even though there are several  good service stations in Greece. A few will accommodate the unscrupulous charter fleet manager who is willing to place cost before safety and not have their Life Raft serviced properly to save money.

The most common ways for this to be done is for the service station not to unpack and inflate the raft for inspection, or repack and seal in a water tight vacuum bag, but instead to cut the sealed bag open to get to the emergency pack and only change those  date expired items ( flares, first aid kit etc) then close the bag with parcel tape.

Or, in the case of a less experienced manager, the service company offers to service the life raft for a very low service fee, and then makes up the cost by charging for extra work like replacing valves and doing repairs which are not actually done.

To properly inspect a non solas leisure raft according to the manufactures instructions,  it takes an experienced technician at least 3 hours of labour time in addition to the cost of maintaining an up to date  and properly equipped service station. So any service company offering very low service charges will have to make up the short fall in another way!

Before You Charter

If you are thinking of chartering a yacht in the Ionian sea, check  to see who has serviced the life raft. If the charter company is unable to tell you, Check the lists below. If not there ,it is possible to ask

Ionian Marine Safety.

Some of the charter companys that have IMS life raft inspections

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