Serving yachtsmen in the Ionian since 1983
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Yacht Assist is a marine breakdown service available to all.   Membership or registration is not required. Since for the majority of well maintained boats a breakdown should not be a regular occurrence.

By only paying when the service is needed, well maintained boats which breakdown less frequently do not have to subsidise those who choose not to spend on preventative maintenance. And therefore run a higher risk of having problems.

Yacht Assist is a part of Contract Yacht Services who are the premier yacht service and management company in Western Greece. Their wealth of experience and skilled crew. Means that Yacht Assist is able to deal with most types of urgent problems quickly and efficiently.

Since Yacht Assist started in 1995, Hundreds of yachts have been helped with many types of problems including;

engine breakdowns, lost rudders , dismasting, running aground, sinking , fouled or lost propellers. Running out of Fuel, Stuck furling gears, and some times help to get in to port during heavy weather.

Many yachts men are reluctant to ask for professional help when in difficulty because there are many stories of expensive fees, with YACHT ASSIST  the charges are clearly set out in our table of charges, so that the skipper can easily make the decision to call YACHT ASSIST or not before the situation becomes any worse.

Yacht Assist callout number is +30 2645024446

Yacht Assist

Available to all, No membership required